IML has three main lines of research in Agri-Robotic, Robot 4 waste sorta & Segregation and Robot 4 Health:

Agri-food Robotic Projects

These are the projects related to Agri-food robotic research @ IML.
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Robofruit logo
Robofruit [CERES Agri-Tech]
Strawberry (in-cluster) Picking Robot: Design, prototype, Perception, AI, Motion pllanning/Control
Fastpick [Innovate UK]
3D reconstruction for fast strawberry picking.
Graspberry logo
Grasp-berry [Innovate UK]
Strawberry picking robot Motion Planning.
Viso-Tactile Picking logo
Agriforwards CDT PhD #1 [EPSRC]
Visual and Tactile sensing for selective harvesting.
Poultry Robot logo
Agriforwards CDT PhD #2 [EPSRC]
Poultry Shed Cleaning Autonomous Robot.

Robots for Waste Sort & Segregation

These are the past/current Waste Sort and Segregation projects @ IML.
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Blended Intelligence for Safe and Efficient Nuclear Sort & Segmentation.
NCNR logo
National Centre for Nuclear Robotic.
RoMaNS logo
RoMaNS [H2020]
Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation.
Robotic cutting
UOB funded PhD
Exploring complex multidimensional planning problems of robotic cutting.

Robots for Health

These are the past/current health robotis research @ IML.
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Artemis logo
Intelligent algorithms and soft robotic systems for early breast cancer detection.
Surgical robotic logo
Surgical Robotic
Surgical robotic related research.

Projects Demos/Videos

IML YouTube channel

Sample demo video of past projects are shown below. For more information please visit the corresponding pages or contact a.ghalamzan@gmail.com

Robofruit final project filed test: October 2021 University of Lincoln Robot Farmer. This is a final project field test. The project was completed in 15 months.

Honoured to be selected as one of the few UK universities to be selected by Government to showcase at COP26. The University of Lincoln will be exhibiting at COP26 between 1 and 12 November. This news has been covered widely at midlandsengine.org, lincolnshirelive, Lincoln.ac.uk, thelincolnite, hortweek.com, and farminuk.


News featuring Robofruits

News featuring Robofruits

BI-SENSS Blended Intelligence for Safe and Efficient Nuclear Sort & Segmentation SBRI- Innovate UK project for remote sort and seg of nuclear waste

Video attahcments to peer-reviewed papers

Deep Functional Predictive Control for Strawberry Cluster Manipulation using Tactile Prediction, Kiyanoush Nazari et al., IROS 2023 Submission

Combining Vision and Touch for Physical Robot Interaction, W. Mandil et al., Submitted to TRO.

Natural Language Robot Programming: NLP integrated with autonomous robotic grasping M. Arshad Khan et al., IROS 2023 Submission

Deep movement primitives for motion planning of Breast Cancer Examination; Sanni et al., AAAI 2022

A. Tafuro et al., Deep probabilistic motion planning: a use case in strawberry picking, In 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)

W. Mandil et al., "Action Conditioned Tactile Prediction: case study on slip prediction", Robotics: Sicence and System (RSS) 2022

K. Nazari et al., Proactive Slip Control, Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) 2022

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