Project Fastpick

Fast strawberry picking robot

FASTPICK is a project funded by Innovate UK. University of Lincoln: FASTPICK's focus is resolution of residual barriers to the robotic harvesting of soft fruit; picking fruit in complex, occluded and biologically variable clusters.
In FASTPICK, UoL developed a novel active 3D closed loop vision system that can dynamically map fruit and identify picking points within dense clusters (with edge computing support through 5G). Once both are integrated into a mobile platform, they will be tested and demonstrated on semi-commercial crops of strawberries. This is the first known integration of an Agri-robotic application into private 5G enabled cloud computing.

Cancer Research UK, 2020-2021.

Contact: Dr Amir Ghalamzan

Contact Co-I: Dr Grzegory Cielniak

Contact Co-I: Prof. Marc Hanheide

Contact Co-I: Prof. Simon Pearson

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