Project BI-SENSS

Blended Intelligence for Safe and Efficient Nuclear Sort & Segmentation.


Bi-SENSS consortium is led by Veolia Nuclear Solution. Other partners include the University of Lincoln, UK, and CREATEC. The consortium brings together proven technologies and deep domain expertise from leading nuclear, agritech. and artificial intelligence practitioners. Our vision is to build a solution around automating DEXTERTM - a commercial force guided and radiation-hardened robotic platform and integrating it with advanced characterisation and tracking technologies to identify, classify, transfer, trace and package waste.

SBRI, Innovate UK, 2020-2022.

Contact PI: Dr Amir Ghalamzan

Contact Co-I: Prof. Mini Rai

Contact Co-I: Prof. Marc Hanheide

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Oxford University
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University of Birmingham
London Imperial College
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Polytechnic University of Milan