Reseearch Philpospsphy

Our philosophy in research has two dimensions

  1. (D1) conduct fundamental research answering challenging scientific questions.
  2. (D2) make an impact on real-world daily life,

Our primary research interests lie in learning, planning and control methods in robotic (in sepecific grasping

and manipulation). We conduct both applied and fundamental research in these domains.

D1 - Fundamental Research and Theory developments

IML research Projects page

Learning from demonstrations
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Data-driven methods
planning, control and predictive models
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planning and control
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For Manipulation and Navigation
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Object Manipulation-Fruit Picking
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D2 - Application Domains

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Robots 4 Precision Agri-food Production
Robotic fruit picking
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Robots 4 Waste Decommissioning
Haptitc-guided teleoperatio -- manipulation and Navigation
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Robots 4 Health
Intelligent algorithms and soft robotic for cancer examination and surgical robotic
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intelligent manipulation laboratory

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University of Birmingham
London Imperial College
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Polytechnic University of Milan