Haptitc-guided teleoperation for manipulation tasks.

The haptiC-guidEd mobiLe manipuLatiOn (CELLO) project will develop a haptic-guided control strategy for mobile manipulation tasks useful for remote handling in extreme environments. Telemanipulation is still the only means of performing many robotic tasks, which is trusted by conservative industries. Teleoperating a manipulator with many degrees of freedom is extremely difficult and imposes a high cognitive load on the human operator.
Haptic-guide control system (HGCS) has been successfully utilised for telemanipulation in lab settings where the slave manipulator is located on a bench. HGCS showed a significant reduced cognitive load on the human operator during teleoperation.
CELLO will develop an HGCS mobile manipulation task which will help a human operator to teleoperate a mobile robot and a manipulator mounted on the mobile manipulator. We test our HGCS strategy on a Thorvald equipped with 2 Panda robots, manufactured by Franka Emika.

Contact: Dr Amir Ghalamzan

Flexible Partnership Funding, NCNR, 2020~2021

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